CONUS Denture

We offer full denture placement with the CONUS Denture. The CONUS Denture is a removable denture that has the comfort of a fixed-in-place denture.

Who Is it For?

The CONUS denture concept was created for patients in need of multiple tooth restorations as an alternative to traditional dentures and other implant systems. This concept was developed with stability and comfort in mind and was designed to be a solution for those who suffer from problems associated with the traditional, loose fitting denture. 

Why The CONUS Denture?

Often patients who have traditional dentures suffer from problems that can affect their quality of life. Conus dentures help to eliminate issues like discomfort from poor fit, pain from pressure against the tissue, bone loss (that continuously occurs once the teeth are gone), and other problems associated with an incorrect fit, friction, and pressure.


  • It is stable but still removable.
  • There is no large piece of acrylic covering the roof of the mouth. This allows for optimal chewing function and greatly enhances the sense of taste.  Also, hot foods are hot and cold foods are cold.  
  • It is easier to clean than something that you can’t take out and scrub.
  • It is a more cost-effective solution than other solutions.
  • It has the desirable cosmetic results most people are looking for.
  • It does not inhibit the patient’s speaking capabilities.
  • Less tendency to cause gagging.

The CONUS denture provides for easy hygiene maintenance, applies no pressure to the soft tissue, and usually requires no replacement of the retention elements.

How Does It Work?

With the use of special software, the denture is designed with a very precise fit. This means that the denture sits firmly attached to the implants.  It does not “wobble” or move around yet it can be easily removed when the patient wants.  This is not your grandmother’s denture!!