Gentle Root Canal Treatments

Endodontic therapy is a treatment we offer to preserve and retain teeth that have been affected by

  • Severe or chronic toothaches
  • Dental abscesses
  • Cracked roots
  • Past trauma, resulting in nerve death
  • Deep decay that has reached the inside of the tooth

While most restorative treatments repair the outside of teeth, root canal therapy treats your tooth from the inside.

Do I Need a Root Canal? 

During your exam, Dr. Dillard will perform various tests to see how your tooth responds. These may include applying pressure or air, to pinpoint the exact area of damage. On your X-ray, we’ll be able to see if the nerve is showing signs of necrosis or infection. If it is, and we leave the tooth alone, it will gradually resorb (shrink away) and require an extraction.

Instead, we can treat your tooth endodontically, so that the remaining structure is preserved and can function many more years to come!

What Happens During a Root Canal?

There’s a common misconception that getting a root canal can be a tortuous experience. Not so! Dr. Dillard uses special techniques to make your treatment as comfortable as having any other type of dental work.

During your visit, we’ll numb the tooth being worked on. You can even elect to have a light sedative, such as laughing gas, to ease your mind. Since severely infected teeth can be difficult to numb, active abscesses may need to be pre-treated with antibiotic therapy leading up to your appointment. Once the swelling has gone down, we’ll create an access point in the top of your tooth to remove the diseased nerve inside. Next, the nerve chambers are thoroughly cleaned and sealed off, preventing reinfection.

After your root canal treatment, we’ll want to place a crown over your tooth so that the non-vital enamel doesn’t easily chip away with everyday use. At Woodland Hills Dental we offer in-house CEREC (same-day) crowns, so you can complete all of your treatment in fewer trips to our North Richland Hills office!

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